Hearing Aid Payment Plans

HearingLife offers two affordable hearing aid payment plans under our Hear Now™ Financing to meet your individual needs and budget.

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financing icon 3 month 0% financing

If you prefer short-term, interest-free financing rather than one full payment upfront, make one payment at your hearing aid fitting appointment followed by three post-dated cheques payable before 90-day satisfaction period is complete.

The payment intervals are as follows:

  • First payment: Due at hearing aid fitting appointment plus three post-dated cheques.
  • Second payment: Due 30 days after your fitting appointment.
  • Third payment: Due 60 days after.
  • Fourth payment; due 90 days after.


financing icon 1 to 5 years low interest financing

Our 1 to 5 year low-interest financing is ideal for clients who need more than 3 months to pay for their hearing aids. Make one 10% deposit at your hearing aid fitting appointment, followed by a monthly, pre-authorized debit payment over the chosen term.

This financing is for both regular-priced and discounted orders from $1,000-$8,000 and is subject to an administrative fee. The interest rate increases with the loan term period.

There are no age restrictions, and as long as you have a good credit history, you will qualify on approval of credit.

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