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The latest in hearing aid technology helps you hear clearly, locate sounds with less effort, and join conversations like you used too.

Let’s be honest. There is still a stigma associated with wearing hearing aids. Some misconceive hearing aids as big, ugly devices for the elderly. Fortunately, this perception is far from reality.

In recent years, scientists have revolutionized the way we hear. Hearing aids are now smaller, more discreet, and more efficient than ever before. They are also more affordable, with quality hearing aids available at a variety of price points to suit your needs.

Some of today’s hearing aids can even work as wireless headphones, connecting via Bluetooth to any device that supports this feature. Make hands-free calls from your smartphone, and stream audio from your phone, stereo, TV, or other Bluetooth® enabled devices!

The latest hearing aids are also rechargeable. This means no more fumbling with small batteries you need to replace often in a week, saving you time and money.

Are you interested in a free hearing aid trial?

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Hearing loss facts

Did you know? our hearing health is connected to our brain health, social well-being, and safety. Hearing well can not only help improve your general health, but also positively impact your overall quality of life.

There are millions of people in Canada who could benefit from wearing hearing aids. 1 in 5 Canadian adults experience some form of hearing loss but have yet to receive treatment.

A baseline hearing test is recommended for anyone who suspects they have a hearing loss, but anyone aged 60 and older should have their hearing checked annually since hearing loss is more prevalent past this age.

Modern hearing aids could help you communicate better, boost your confidence, and eliminate those embarrassing situations that arise from mishearing what someone has said.

There’s no need to struggle when so many solutions are available to correct the problem.

Are you interested in a free hearing aid trial?

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A comprehensive hearing assessment is provided to adults ages 19 and older at no cost. The results of this assessment will be communicated verbally to you. If you request a copy of the Audiological Report, a fee will apply. Child hearing tests are conducted at select locations for a fee and cannot be scheduled using this booking page, please call the toll-free phone number above to schedule a hearing test for someone under the age of 18.