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Did you know?

Hearing healthcare is an essential service. Researchers have long discovered a strong connection between hearing health and overall wellbeing.1

It is important, now more than ever during these challenging times, to stay connected to the people who matter most. When you miss out on the sounds and conversations that help you stay connected and keep you safe, you could be at greater risk for depression and social isolation. 

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Why should I get my hearing tested at HearingLife?

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    Trusted hearing care

    Over 769,000 clients have trusted us with their hearing healthcare needs. No doctor referral needed!

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    Safety in our clinics

    Our clients give us a 98% safety satisfaction rate. Find out how we prioritize your health each time you visit.

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    Book your free hearing test in the form above and get 50 Miles upon completion of your hearing test.

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    What happens at a hearing test?

    See our step-by-step explanation of what happens at a HearingLife hearing test.

What can you expect at your hearing appointment?

We recommend that you bring a loved one with you to your hearing appointment to assist with parts of the hearing assessment. The presence of a loved one can also provide emotional support. When you arrive, here is what you can expect.


1. Congratulations

You have taken the first step towards better hearing by booking your hearing test.

2. An initial discussion

Before your hearing test, your hearing professional will address any questions or concerns you may have. Your hearing professional will also ask about your medical history and any parts of your lifestyle that could affect your hearing such as your occupation and leisure activities. This is important in identifying the potential causes of your hearing difficulties.

3. Your ear examination

Your hearing professional will then perform a painless examination of your ear. This will help rule out other reasons, (i.e. earwax build up or infection,) as the cause of your hearing issues.



4. Your hearing assessment

When it is time to get your hearing tested, you will be asked to sit in a noise-controlled environment and wear headphones or earphones. Your hearing professional will then ask you to press a button in response to a series of tones. Your responses will help us know the exact state of your hearing health. You will also take a voice hearing test.

5. Next steps

The entire appointment should take about an hour. At the end, you and your loved one will receive same-day test results, recommended treatment if needed, and advice on how to best communicate in different everyday situations, both with and without a hearing aid.

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