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Hearing is an important part of your overall wellness. And with our modern technology, professional hearing care we’ll help you’ll along the journey of healthy hearing, so you can live, love, laugh and hear without any limitations.

Here are the steps to healthy and happy hearing

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4. Get 1000 Reward Miles on purchase of select hearing aids.

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  • AIR MILES® Reward Miles

    Here’s the latest technology that solves the biggest challenge for hearing aid wearers – hearing well in noisy environments. Make hands-free calls from your smartphone, or stream audio from your phone, stereo, TV, or other Bluetooth® enabled devices. Connecting to your modern lifestyle is easy with these ground-breaking hearing aids.

    HearingLife and our National Affiliated Partners (including NexGen Hearing in BC) are hearing healthcare providers of AIR MILES® in Canada. Clients can get the following Reward Miles with their purchase:

     Technology Level  1 Hearing Aid  2 Hearing AIds
     Basic  200 Miles  400 Miles
     Advanced  200 Miles  700 Miles
     Premium  200 Miles  1000 Miles

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    This offer is non-transferable, applies to the purchase of select models of hearing aids. This offer cannot be combined with other promotional offers for hearing aids. The number of Miles issued to the Collector depends on the model(s) purchased. Please allow 45 days for Miles to be posted to your Collector Account. Limit one offer per customer per year. Some conditions may apply. See clinic for details. ®TM Trademarks of AM Royalties Limited Partnership used under license by LoyaltyOne, Co. and HearingLife Canada Ltd

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