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Insurance for your hearing aids

We offer insurance coverage for hearing aids that are lost, damaged, or stolen outside of the warranty period

Insurance for your hearing aids

When you buy a pair of hearing aids in one of our clinics, your hearing aids will be covered by 4 years of warranty. However, you might also want to consider additional insurance for your hearing aids, e.g. in case they get lost or stolen.

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Oneplan – a protection plan for your hearing aids

Oneplan is Hidden Hearing’s protection plan for your hearing aids. This plan provides coverage for if your hearing aids are:

  • Damaged
  • Lost
  • Stolen

Oneplan is here to help when you need it most. Contact your local clinic to learn more about insurance plans

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Why should you consider buying extra insurance?

A hearing aid is a financial investment. Some customers even say that hearing aids are one of the most valuable assets they own (after their houses and cars). For this reason, it can be a good idea to insure your hearing aids. Once a hearing aid warranty expires, hearing aid repairs can be expensive, and insurance can protect you from unexpected costs.

Oneplan is a low-cost plan that provides coverage against theft, loss, and damage. Some plans can offer full coverage for as little as £75 per year. 

What does Oneplan include?

Oneplan aims to serve as the safeguard for your device for the first five years of your hearing aid’s life and is the only hearing aid protection of its kind. Under the Oneplan scheme, we ensure the following:

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A new hearing aid to replace your existing one if it is damaged, lost or stolen
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Unlimited repair services – even outside of the manufacturer warranty period
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A fast and efficient claims service where we aim to have your claim handled within 14 days of a claim being made

Oneplan – Protection when you need it.

Call us or contact your local clinic if you would like to learn more about Oneplan insurance.

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