Hearing aid styles that are VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE

  • a behind the ear hearing aid being held by a hand with a line that directs to what the hearing aid looks like in the ear

    Behind the ear

    Behind-the-Ear models hide behind the auricle (the visible part of your ear) and have a thin clear tube that runs into the ear canal.

  • a in-the-ear hearing aid being held by a hand with a line that directs to what the hearing aid looks like in the ear

    In the ear

    Designed for maximum concealment and customize-able to provide ultimate comfort. They don’t get in the way of glasses or goggles and stay in place more easily.

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Despite its miniature size, the processor inside these hearing aids is so powerful it supports the most sophisticated advances in digital hearing technology to date. When someone is talking, it is designed to quiet the background noise in-between syllables and amplify the speaker’s voice so that you can clearly hear and understand the words. Find out if you qualify to wear these hearing aids by booking a FREE, no obligation hearing test.

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