Remarkable New Hearing Aid Now Available

A remarkable new hearing aid is now available and solving the biggest challenge for hearing aid wearers! It is easy to use, looks great in the ear, and meets the most challenging hearing aid needs.

At last. A stylish, modern hearing aid that provides maximum benefit.

The latest digital hearing aid technology solves the biggest challenge for hearing aid wearers–hearing well in noisy environments.

Nobody will notice it because of its minute size, fitting snugly and comfortably just behind your ear.

Everything works automatically. There are no controls to worry about and adjustments are easy to make–even from your smart phone. So you can get back to enjoying your relationships, rather than thinking about your hearing. State-of-the-art dynamic features improve speech understanding significantly, provide better noise management and focus on accurate amplification in any environment.

New speech processing technology amplif ies the signal based on sound and noise levels. No matter how challenging your listening environment, this hearing aid will adjust to maximize speech understanding.

The perfect choice for those looking for improved ability to communicate in large groups and noisy social settings, this new hearing aid combines style and technology to deliver great sound.

A hearing test takes less than 60 minutes, you don’t need a doctor’s referral, and there’s no cost or obligation whatsoever. Call now to try these hearing aids for yourself!

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Hearing tests are provided free of charge for adults ages 18 and older. Some conditions may apply. Please see clinic for details. Offer not valid in Quebec. {1}


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