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Buying hearing aids is not the same as buying groceries! A hearing aid purchase guide for you

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2020-11-27 12:00:00 AM • 4 min read

Digital hearing aids are made up of a powerful minicomputer. The minicomputer analyses the sound environment from data gathered by the microphones. The computer selects the sounds you need help with. The highest quality and best hearing aids only amplify the parts of sound you need help with. They also remove any excess sound and amplify the personalized result in your ear.

The right hearing aid for you depends on several factors, including the type and severity of your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your manual dexterity. However, a hearing aid that one person likes might not work for someone else, even if both have almost identical audiograms.

And even within the same brand, there can be several versions of a given model. That kind of variation makes comparing hearing aid models and brands very challenging.

When it comes to getting the hearing aids that suit your hearing needs this is what you should do

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1. Find a hearing centre with licensed hearing professionals

When searching for a hearing care center, prioritize finding a location where a professional can assess your hearing and provide individualized counselling based on your specific needs. The centre should test your hearing in a soundproof booth and should give you a copy of the hearing test results. The provider should verify that the hearing aids are working effectively for you (including in a noisy environment). He or she should also review the instructional brochure that accompanies the hearing aids.

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2. Find a convenient clinic location

Find a provider who has a local hearing center near home or work and is also part of a global network. This will give you access to a large network of hearing care providers. Professional help is never too far away. Your hearing aid provider should have convenient business hours, offer walk-in repair service, and make it easy to schedule an appointment.

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3. Choose a provider that offers personalized, ongoing customer care

Your hearing is as unique as your fingerprint. Unlike standardized solutions, specialized hearing care centers allow you to build a relationship with your hearing care provider, and you will have the choice of a large spectrum of hearing aid types and brands so that you can find the optimal solution for you. The provider should discuss the effect of hearing loss on your lifestyle and relationships, and how best to manage difficult listening situations. The conversation should touch on the level of challenges you experience in hearing over the phone. The provider should ask about your manual dexterity and vision status because these can affect your ability to handle hearing aids successfully. The dispenser should also discuss realistic expectations and ask about your lifestyle, which can affect your choice of style and recommended features.

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