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Clinic centers in Alberta | Hearing test | HearingLife Canada

4809 50th Street, T9S 1E7, T9S 1E7
Acadia Medical Centre | 103-8330 Fairmount Drive SE, T2H 0Y8
Capitol Hill Centre | 206-2004 14 Street NW, T2M 3N3
Gulf Canada Square | 180-401 9 Avenue SW, T2P 3C5
Mission Professional Centre | 501-2303 4 Street SW, T2S 2S7
Northland Plaza | 4820 Northland Drive NW, T2L 2L4
903 10th Avenue Southwest, 2nd Floor, T2R 0B5
Airdrie | 107-400 Main Street North, T4B 2N1
West Springs | 8 Weston Drive SW, T3H 5P2
211-175 Chestermere Station Way, T1X 0A4
Unit 3, 28 12th Ave SE High River AB, T1V 1T2
1332 Mayor Magrath Drive South, T1K 2R2
Professional Centre | 202-40 Elizabeth Street, T1S 1B5
Cornerstone Olds | 6700 46 Street, T4H 0A2
Checkmate Centre | 3617 50 Avenue, T4N 3Y5
Skyway Medical Centre | 135-4309 52 Avenue, T4N 6S4
108A - 215 McLeod Avenue, T7X 0G2

British Columbia

Northills Centre | 700 Tranquille Road, V2B 3H9
Orchard Plaza | 1876 Cooper Road, V1Y 9N6
Woodgrove Centre | 6631 Island Highway North, V9T 4T7
2210 Main Street (Inside Superstore Complex), V2A 5H8
Parkwood Place Shopping Centre| 1600 15th Avenue, V2L 3X3
Lakeshore Village | 251 Trans Canada Highway NW, V1E 3B8
201-2537 Beacon Avenue, V8L 1Y3
6-1257 Trans Canada Highway, V0E 2W0
188 East Stewart, V0J 3A0
Discovery Plaza | 3100 - 35th Street, V1T 9H4
Hillside Centre | 1644 Hillside Avenue, V8T 2C5
Saanich Plaza | 3560 Blanshard Street, V8X 1W3


Newfoundland Labrador

15 Goldstone St, St John's, A1B 5C3

Nova Scotia

10-4 Robert Angus Drive, B4H 4R7
3769 Highway #3 , Chester, B0J 1J0
4 Sterling Road, Unit B, B1A 3X3
173 Esplanade Street, B1P 6H2
5288 St. Margaret’s Bay Rd. Unit 102, B3Z 2J1


31 Mill Street East, L7J 1H1
235 Bayly Street West, L1S 3K3
105A - 39 Winners Circle Drive, K7S 3G9
Suite 101, 5 Quarry Ridge Road Phase II, L4M 7G1
102-210 Dundas Street East, K8N 5G8
118 Kimberley Avenue P1L 1Z8 Bracebridge
61 Holland Street West, L3Z 2B1
7980 Kennedy Road South, L6W 0B2
108-2250 Bovaird Drive East L6R 0W3
617-2250 Bovaird Drive East, L6R 0W3
Phone: 905-595-0101
6C-9 Elgin Street East, K9A 0C5
108-31 Ninth Street East, K6H 6R3
Alpha Corporate Centre - 103-1262 Don Mills Road, M3B 2W7
951 Wilson Avenue, Unit 16-1C, M3K 2A7
1664 Dufferin Street, M6H 3M1
Phone: 416-562-8814
201-135 Queens Plate Drive, M9W 6V1
281 Main Street South, N0M 1S3
100 McQueen Boulevard, N1M 3T8
2-690 Woolwich Street, N1H 3Z1
West Haldimand General Hospital | 75 Parkview Road, N0A 1H0
402-25 Charlton Avenue East, L8N 1Y2
120 Thames Street North, N5C 4B1
Unit A, 969 Queen Street, N2Z 2Y2
313 Main Street East N9Y 1A7 Kingsville
710 Belmont Avenue West, N2M 1P3
16-500 Fairway Road South, N2C 1X3
1400 Weber Street East, Unit A1a - Transnation Plaza, N2A 3Z8
300-1195 Wallace Avenue North, N4W 1M6
1140 Tighe Street, Unit B, K4M 1A2
4981 Highway 7 East, Unit 6, L3R 1N1
Unit B13, 1240 Eglinton Avenue West L5V 1N3 Mississauga
134&138-1140 Burnhamthorpe West, L5C 4E9
4025 Dorchester Road, L2E 6N1
111-58 Rossland Road West, L1G 2V5
117 Lakeshore Road West, L6K 1C5
475 Broadway Street, L9W 2Y9
470 King Street West, L1J 2M2
117 Centrepointe Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
3004-1415 1st Avenue West, N4K 4K8
104-40 Sunset Boulevard, K7H 2Y4
210-249 Ontario Street, L1A 3Y9
1-189 Wellington Street, N7T 1G6
405-190 Sherway Drive, M9C 5N2
160 Centennial Parkway North, L8E 1H9
96 Larch Street, P3E 1C1
A3-1614 Lesperance Road, N8N 1Y3
2144B Queen Street East, M4E 1E3
330 Steeles Avenue West, L4J 6W9
7700 Bathurst Street, Unit 45 - Promenade Village Shoppes, L4J 7Y3
800 Steeles Avenue West, L4J 7L2
102A&B-29 Toronto Street South, L9P 1V9
11 Main Street North, L9P 1J7
1101 Rutherford Road, Unit 1&2, L4J 0E2
3-1561 Niagara Stone Road, L0S 1T0
3, 30 McNaughton Ave N8A 1N9 Wallaceburg
7-627 River Road West, L9Z 2P1
304-99 Northfield Drive East, N2K 3P9
144-600 Tecumseh Road East, N8X 4X9
11 - 3155 Howard Avenue - The Roundhouse Centre, N8X 4Y8
183 Victoria Street West, N0G 2W0
2200-645 Finkle Street, N4V 0E1
208-300 York Mills Road, M2L 2Y5