Hearing aid accessories and batteries

What are hearing aid accessories?

Hearing aid accessories give you the opportunity to stream wireless phone calls, turn your hearing aids into a wireless headset, and more! We offer a selection of quality, hearing aid compatible accessories that can help you get the most out of your hearing aids.

We also provide simple ordering services for new domes and batteries.

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1. Connectivity accessories

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There are a wide range of hearing aid accessories available that are compatible with your phone, computer, laptop, TV and other electronic devices. This means that you can stream TV audio, music, audio books, and phone calls directly to your hearing aids.

This streaming capability allows for the sounds to be transmitted directly to your ears, eliminating the background noise and resulting in a clearer sound experience.

Book a demonstration to learn about how popular hearing aid connectivity devices can help you get more out of your hearing aids:

  • TV adapter: Connect your hearing aids directly to the TV
  • Connect Clip: Hear speakers more clearly
  • Phone adapter: Connect hearing aids to landline phones
  • Remote control: Discreetly control your hearing aid

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2. Hearing aid batteries

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Once a new hearing aid battery is inserted into your hearing device, it has a lifespan of five to ten days before a replacement is needed.

The lifetime of the battery depends on the type of hearing aid you have, the size of the battery, the length of time spent streaming phone calls (and other audio), and how well you take care of your hearing devices.

Speak to our hearing care professional about how to optimize the performance of your hearing aids.

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How to maintain your hearing aids:17 self-guided videos

We have collected a number of how-to guides and videos, which can help you learn how to:

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Hearing aid maintenance

3. Cleaning accessories

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Taking care of and cleaning your hearing aids will ensure that they are kept in optimal condition and optimized for use. In order to keep your hearing aid clean and free of earwax, you will need the following hearing aid accessories:

  • Wax pick - Keeps your hearing device free of ear wax build-up
  • Brush - Removes dirt and dust from your hearing aid
  • Air blower - Provides a way to dry BTE ear molds after they have been washed with water
  • Container - Serves as a dry place to store your hearing aids when you're not wearing them

Your hearing care professional can provide detailed instructions on how to care for the specific make and model of hearing aid you’ve purchased.

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4. Hearing aid domes

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Your hearing care professional has carefully chosen the appropriate ear piece or dome that best fits your hearing aids in order to deliver optimal sound quality.

As these domes fit into your ear canal, it is important that they are kept clean or replaced regularly (as advised by your hearing care professional).

We recommend replacing these disposable domes at least once a month (or as suggested by your hearing care professional).

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