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About HearingLife Canada

Our hearing clinics have teams of competent hearing care professionals, all highly specialized and dedicated in both heart and mind to helping more people hear better.


That’s why we call ourselves hearing care professionals.


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We want to help more people hear better

Far too many people around the world live with untreated hearing loss. In fact, it is the world’s third most common health problem. We want to make a positive impact in this area through hearing care, and we have made it our vision to help more people hear better.

Life-changing hearing aids

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Our history

Our company was founded by a husband who was determined to help his wife lead a better life. Hans Demant wanted to help his wife, Camilla Demant, hear better despite her hearing loss. More specifically, he wanted to help her find a solution that suited her individual hearing needs. 

Today, we have a long history of providing life-changing hearing care, and the passion for helping people hear better continues to set the course for our company.

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3 benefits you receive by choosing HearingLife

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Professionals in hearing care
Our certified professionals conduct free hearing tests with Real Ear Measurements and same-day results.
Professionals in hearing care
Quality hearing aid solutions
We offer a broad selection of the latest digital hearing aids from multiple award-winning brands.
Quality hearing aid solutions
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Aftercare services
As a HearingLife client, you are entitled to free hearing aid batteries, adjustments, cleaning and repair services.
Aftercare services

HearingLife Client Charter

5 steps to improving your hearing

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1. Learn how to recognize the signs of hearing loss
Signs of hearing loss
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2. Schedule your FREE hearing test in a clinic near you
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3. Select a pair of hearing aids and receive a risk-free trial
Free, 30-day trial
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4. Learn about payment plans and subsidy programs
Hearing aid financing
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5. Hear well and live well. Receive extensive aftercare
Aftercare service


HearingLife is actively recruiting talented Audiologists, Hearing Instrument Specialists, Client Service Administrators and Appointment Centre Specialists to support our continued growth.

Send us an email if you want to apply for any of the positions below.

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Hearing Instrument Specialist/Hearing Aid Practicioner
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Client Service Administrator and Appointment Centre Specialist
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Campaign for Better Hearing

HearingLife Canada is proud to lead the Campaign for Better Hearing. The campaign’s purpose is to actively push hearing care up on the global healthcare agenda so that more people can enjoy better, fuller lives.

How does the program work?
Each time someone gets a hearing test at a participating HearingLife clinic, we allocate $4.00 towards the campaign’s Give-Back Program. This program gives free hearing aids to Canadians who need them.


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