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9.5/10  Based on 33032 reviews  

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    Facts about hearing loss

    Hearing loss is more common than you might think.

    Hearing loss is the 3rd most common health condition among adults
    Hearing loss is the 3rd most common health condition among adult1
    Over 50% of the adults ages 40 and 79 in Canada have measurable hearing loss2
    60 percent of Canadians aged 19 to 79 have a hearing health problem
    Overall, 60% of the Canadians aged 19 to 79 have a hearing health problem: audiometrically measured hearing loss, tinnitus (past year) or both conditions.3

    About our free hearing test

    • We have a free hearing test for seniors and those over the age of 19
    • It takes place in one of our clinics (with a duration of 60 minutes)
    • You receive a free consultation with our hearing care professionals
    • You will receive your results during the consultation
    • There is no purchase required

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    “From beginning to end, the test is completely painless. Nothing that is performed is painful in any way and the entire assessment usually takes an hour or so.”
    Dr Jillian Price - Chief Audiologist, HearingLife Canada

    Why should you get your hearing checked?

    As we age, our bodies undergo various changes, and our senses are no exception. One sense that often experiences decline is our hearing. Untreated hearing loss can have significant impacts on our overall well-being and quality of life.

    Early identification of hearing loss is important for timely intervention and treatment. By scheduling a free hearing assessment at the earliest opportunity, you can identify any potential hearing loss early on. This allows you to take proactive steps to address it.

    • According to a survey conducted by YouGov, 40% of people report better conversations after addressing their hearing loss. By actively participating in conversations and engaging with others, you can foster meaningful relationships, reduce feelings of loneliness, and improve your overall well-being in the process.
    • Another 33% felt more connected to their family. By having your hearing checked and addressing any hearing loss, you regain the ability to fully participate in family events, and conversations and actively contribute to shared experiences. This strengthens the bonds within your family unit, creates cherished memories, and reinforces a sense of belonging and togetherness.

    Take a step towards better hearing by booking your free hearing appointment today.

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    “All kinds of research shows that people who get amplification earlier are more successful with hearing aids later on. Loving your ears means being proactive, getting your hearing checked, and if there is a problem identified, treating it at its earliest stages and not waiting until it's a significant problem in your life,”
    Dr Jillian Price - Chief Audiologist, HearingLife Canada

    Why personalized hearing care at HearingLife makes all the difference

    Imagine buying a pair of shoes without knowing your exact size. They might look nice, but they’ll probably end up being uncomfortable and might not help you as much as they should. The same goes for hearing care.

    Non-personalized hearing care is like those ill-fitting shoes. It often involves generic hearing aids given without thorough assessments, which may not address your specific hearing challenges.

    When you walk into a HearingLife clinic, our team makes sure to provide the following:

    What to expect at your hearing test?

    The best possible treatment is simple and easy. There are three steps to start:

    1. A hearing assessment – You sit restfully in a noise-controlled environment wearing a comfortable set of headphones. You will be asked to press a button in response to a series of tones. Your responses will help us know the exact state of your hearing health. The test will last about an hour.
    2. An examination – Once we have quantified your hearing health, one of our hearing care professionals will examine your ears. The examination is painless and will help us determine possible causes if there is hearing loss (e.g. wax build up, infection).
    3. An interview – This is the most important step in the process. Our hearing care professional will ask you about how your hearing health has affected you. It’s a simple conversation that will yield the final pieces needed to make the perfect recommendation to fit your needs.

    You and your loved ones also receive advice on how to best communicate in different everyday situations, both with and without a hearing aid.

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    What happens after the test if you have hearing loss?

    Once you've received your complimentary hearing test results, your hearing professional will provide you with a counseling session where you learn more about your results.
    If hearing loss is detected, your hearing care professional will provide assistance in choosing the best hearing aid solution for you. Once you've made your selection, you could be wearing your new hearing aids in less than a week (custom hearing aids can take 2-3 weeks).

    Book your FREE hearing test

    When should you book a hearing test?

    Your sense of hearing is important for your wellbeing as it helps you connect with others and experience the world around you. If you feel that your hearing is not what it used to be, our team of professionals can help. If you begin to recognize any signs of hearing loss, we recommend that you book a free hearing test.

    To make the process even more convenient for you, you can take our free online hearing test from the comfort of your home. By simply answering a few questions, this online hearing test can help determine if you may require a comprehensive hearing evaluation in just five minutes. It's a quick and accessible way to assess your hearing health, and our hearing professionals are available to provide guidance based on your results.

    If you are experiencing hearing problems and seeking professional assistance, we offer complimentary hearing consultations to help you better understand your unique needs. Take the first step towards improved hearing by taking a free online hearing test today.

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