Alberta Programs

Alberta Aids to Daily Living Program (AADL): AADL offers support for hearing aids through a cost-share system. Visit the program website for more information.

Extended Health Benefits: Private insurance companies like Alberta Blue Cross may offer coverage for hearing aids. Check your specific insurance plan for details.

British Columbia Programs

Employment Program for Persons with Disabilities: If you're part of BC's EmploymentProgram for Persons with Disabilities, you might be able to get help from the government to pay for hearing aids.

Extended Health Care: Some job-related extended health care plans can provide coverage for hearing aids.

Manitoba Programs

In Manitoba, the Manitoba Health Healthy Living and Seniors (MHHLS) program offers support for hearing aids for children under 18 with hearing difficulties. Visit Manitoba government website for more information.

New Brunswick Programs

Health Services Hearing Aid Program: This program helps with coverage for hearing aids when other agencies or private health insurance plans don't cover it. Visit the program website for more information.

Training and Employment Support Services (TESS): Financial assistance may be available through TESS for eligible individuals.

Work Insurance Coverage: Many employer benefit plans can contribute to covering a portion of the cost of hearing aids.

Nova Scotia Programs

Department of Community Services: If you receive income assistance from the Department of Community Services due to a disability, you might qualify for their WorkplaceSupport Program.

SpecialNeeds Assistance: For those with special needs, the Employment Support & Income Assistance program can help purchase a hearing aid.

Ontario Programs

In Ontario, there are key programs for hearing aid financing:

Ontario Ministry of Health’s Assistive Devices Program (ADP): This program can reimburse eligible Ontarians for a portion of hearing aid costs. Visit ADP for more information.

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP): ODSP offers financial aid for hearing aids and related devices. To access this support, individuals must contact their local ODSP office and gain approval before purchasing. Visit ODSP for more information.

Saskatchewan Programs

SupplementaryHealth Benefits Program: This program provides partial coverage for hearing aids for both adults and children. Visit the program website for more information.

FamilyHealth Benefits: Coverage for kids from low-income families or families receiving the Saskatchewan Employment Supplement.

Hearing aid financing and payment plans

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To explore financing options that help make an investment in better hearing both easy and affordable for your individual needs and budget, visit our Hearing Aid Financing and Payment Plan page.

Disclaimer section: Please be aware that eligibility requirements and coverage amounts can differ, so we strongly recommend speaking with your hearing professional or visiting the respective program websites for the latest information.

Features of the latest hearing aids

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✓ Apps for remote control
✓ Headphone mode for music players
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