Our clinics are gradually reopening

In accordance with public health directives we are happy to announce that we are resuming our activities in some of our clinics on a by-appointment basis. Drop-off and pick-up services are also available by appointment. We are not accepting walk-ins for the time being.

Clients with existing appointments that were postponed due to COVID-19 will be contacted to reschedule their appointments.

List of clinics currently open


Reopening status and safety measures

Most of our locations are expected to be open by the first week of June.

Our clinics are serving customers while taking the safety precautions necessary to ensure a comfortable and safe visit.

Our safety measures

We are also offering the online services below

What if we choose to awake in a world of "can"

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We are HEAR!

Did you miss our Facebook Live session with our Chief Audiologist Jillian Price?

Don’t worry we got you covered. Here is the recording of the session.

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Live walkthrough of our Telesupport website to help you find solutions for your hearing aid problems.

Also, Jillian reviewed domes and receivers that will work best for your hearing aids.

Many more questions related to hearing aid problems were answered.

The journey to better hearing is easier than you think…

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The benefits of better hearing

Do you know the benefits? We have 52 of them, one for each week of the year! Download our e-book today.

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Questions about hearing loss?

For all questions about hearing loss don’t forget our comprehensive section about all things hearing.

Learn more about hearing loss

Detailed information on specific types of hearing loss:
• Tinnitus
• Sensorineural hearing loss
• Conductive hearing loss

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Everything hearing aids

Learn about the latest styles, advancements and features of modern hearing aids.

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We want to stay in touch, provide you with the latest developments, update you on re-openings, and share relevant content and tips to assist you with your hearing during this time.

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HearingLife is a proud sponsor of the National Campaign for Better Hearing—an initiative with the simple but lofty goal of providing a FREE hearing test to EVERY Canadian aged 60 and over. The reason is clear. Startling new research shows significant connections between hearing loss and other serious health problems like social withdrawal and isolation, depression, mental fatigue, even increased risk of developing dementia. Research is also showing that wearing a hearing aid can reduce these risk factors.

With nearly half of all Canadians over 60 suffering from hearing loss, this is a major issue. As the largest clinical hearing care provider in the country, we feel uniquely positioned to do something about this alarming, but largely unaddressed health concern.

Make a hearing test part of your regular wellness protocols, and treat hearing loss in its early stages. To find out more about how the National Campaign for Better Hearing is improving lives, click here.

Join the thousands of people who improved their hearing health, brain health—even the health of their relationships—with hearing aids today.

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    Try hearing aids for yourself at home, work, place of worship, restaurants—everywhere you find people you care about.

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    Take back your life and your relationships when you commit to better hearing with hearing aids.

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As we will be gradually reopening our clinics, clients with previously booked appointments will be attended first, new appointments scheduled will be tentative and subject to change in the event of new information being available.

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