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Hearing aid adjustments and repair

Whether you need a repair or a small adjustment, we are here for you when you need hearing aid support. 

Hearing aid repair: How to solve common problems

What to do if your hearing aids don't seem to be working

  • Check if there is earwax blocking the microphone opening or sound outlet.
  • Make sure the hearing aid battery door is closed and that the device is turned on. Check if the battery is placed properly.
  • Try to turn up the volume – either on the hearing aid itself or using a remote control.
  • Switch between the different programs (if your hearing aid has different programs). Press the button to change settings and listen for a few minutes to see if that makes a difference.
  • Consider replacing your battery. You can take the battery test to see if you should replace your battery.
  • If none of the above helps, your hearing aid may be damaged. Please call us for further assistance on troubleshooting and hearing aid repair.

What to do if the sound from your hearing aid is not loud enough

  • Check if there is earwax blocking the microphone opening or the sound outlet.
  • Check if there are any cracks, blockages, or beads of moisture on the tube of your BTE hearing aids. Contact us if you need assistance replacing the tubing.
  • Turn up the volume with your remote control or directly on the hearing aid to make sure you can hear the volume changing.
  • Try a different program (if your hearing aid has different programs) in case you have accidentally switched to a different program.
  • It might be that your hearing has changed. If it has been a while since your last hearing check, book an appointment, and one of our hearing care professionals will assess your hearing and, if needed, adjust your hearing aids to your hearing needs.

How to address distorted or unclear sound from hearing aids

  • Distorted or unclear sounds coming from the hearing aid can indicate a problem with the battery or the hearing aids themselves. Check and replace your battery if it seems damaged.
  • Contact us if your device seems to be damaged and therefore requires hearing aid repair.

What to do if your hearing aids are making whistling sounds

  • Make sure that the tip of the hearing aid or the ear mold is placed securely inside the ear. Feedback can occur when the tip is not placed in the right position.
  • Check to see if the mold is broken or if there are any cracks on the mold.
  • Feedback can also occur when the sound is turned up too high. Switch the volume setting back to its default setting.
  • Contact us for assistance as you might need to get your earwax build-up removed.

How to ensure hearing aids feel comfortable

  • It is normal during the adjustment period to feel that your hearing aids are slightly uncomfortable. If they continue to be uncomfortable or painful, you might want to consider a different shape, material, or size of your mold or device.
  • Make sure that your device is free of wax and moisture in order to ensure that it feels comfortable.

What to do if your hearing aids have gotten wet

  • Remove your hearing aids from the water as soon as possible.
  • Open the battery door and remove the battery.
  • Dry the hearing aid with a towel and shake it gently to get the water out.
  • Leave the hearing aid to dry for one to two days, depending on the amount of water in the hearing aid. Make sure that the battery door is open and if you have one, use a hearing aid dehumidifier for this purpose.
  • If this doesn’t help, contact us so we can send the hearing aid to the manufacturer for repair. If your device is under warranty, it will cover the cost of the repair of the hearing aid; otherwise, repair charges may apply.

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Remote services from the comfort of your home

HearingLife offers a variety of remote customer services – all of which are available from the comfort of your home:

  1. Online consultations about your hearing loss
  2. Online support for your hearing aids and accessories
  3. Online fitting and adjustment for Oticon hearing aids (available through the Oticon RemoteCare app).
  4. Online ordering for hearing aid batteries and domes
  5. Support for hearing aid repairs and cleaning
  6. Support for assessing whether an in-clinic hearing test might be relevant to you

Learn more about how you can benefit from our remote services:
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Video consultations with a hearing care professional

If you wear Oticon hearing aids, you can receive hearing aid adjustments from one of our professionals through a specific hearing aid adjustment app (called the Oticon RemoteCare App.)

Benefits of using the app:

  1. Have a video consultation with a hearing care professional from the comfort of your home
  2. Save time and money spent on traveling to a local clinic
  3. Receive hearing aid adjustments without having to visit the clinic
  4. Have your hearing care professional adjust your hearing aid to suit a specific listening situation
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Hearing aid repair and adjustment FAQ