Living with hearing loss 

It can be frustrating, embarrassing and downright uncomfortable when you become isolated with hearing loss. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be like that. Hearing loss has many treatment options and most types can be treated to minimize the effect. Make an appointment and see how our professionals can help you today.

The most important step

Hearing plays a crucial role in communicating with friends and loved ones effectively, yet many people deny the inevitable and avoid seeking any treatment. The most important step is to simply acknowledge that you or your loved one has a hearing loss. Without acknowledging the loss, you can't move on to treating it.

This step can be the hardest and it often results in one's hearing getting worse and worse before they seek treatment. Remember, every journey begins a first step and once you've taken that step, continuing momentum toward your goal of improvement will get easier. There are numerous solutions that minimize the effects of hearing loss, but the longer you wait, the harder it can be to treat.


The effects of untreated hearing loss

Hearing loss affects different people in different ways. There are many studies that point to many issues associated with untreated hearing loss. These issues result in serious emotional and social consequences such as:

  • Irritability, negativity, and anger

  • Tiredness, stress, depression and excessive worrying

  • Withdrawal from social functions

  • Increased difficulty in communicating

  • Isolation and fear of interactions

  • Reduced awareness and risk to personal safety

  • Worse memory and decreased learning capabilities

  • Less effective performance at work or school


Do you feel like this?

Look over the following list and see if you can relate:

  • Often, I think people are mumbling and not speaking clearly or too softly

  • I need to turn the volume up on my TV, radio and phone to hear

  • People are more difficult to understand when they do not look directly toward me

  • Feeling tired and needing rest after work or school is common

  • I don't often know exactly where sounds are coming from when I am out and about

  • I feel lost in the conversation when multiple people are speaking or gathered together

  • I often feel isolated and depressed when alone

  • Having a conversation in crowded areas is difficult and can be frustrating

  • It is difficult to remember what people have said to me

  • I often have problems remembering details

  • Friends and family seem frustrated or annoyed when I ask them to repeat themselves

If you can related to some or all of these issues, then it is important to seek professional hearing help. These are often associated with hearing loss and can be indicative of gradual hearing loss.

Effects on work and educational life

In addition to affecting your personal and social life, hearing loss affects your daily life at work or school. You need to be able to communicate effectively wherever you are, and whoever you are with - be it your colleagues, clients, or classmates. If you are suffering from hearing loss, your brain needs to work harder to pick out important sounds from the background noise. Office meetings, lectures and other everyday tasks become more demanding and tiring, which can affect how well each task is performed. Hearing aids can help you focus more easily, so you can concentrate with less effort.

Emotional consequences

Most people with untreated hearing loss are vulnerable to serious emotional and social consequences. Hearing loss can make a person less tolerant and more irritable, and - if it's left untreated - it often leads to social isolation, low self-confidence, depression, anxiety, frustration and anger. It can even lead to paranoia. Research also clearly shows that people with untreated hearing loss are less likely to join social activities compared to those who wear hearing aids.

Fortunately for you or your loved one, it never has to get this far. As soon as the hearing loss has been acknowledged, you are no longer alone. Many first time hearing aid users find they have increased mental energy, and experience significant improvements in many areas of their lives. These include their relationships at home, their ability to go out, and a sense of independence in both their social life and at work. Just as importantly, the families of hearing aid users notice these improvements too.

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