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Free Hearing Tests in Dundas, Ontario

Welcome to HearingLife’s hearing clinic at Dundas - University Plaza

You are very welcome to contact our certified hearing care professionals for all your hearing needs.

We can help you if:

  • You think you have a hearing loss
  • You need help to adjust your current hearing aids
  • You are interested in new hearing aids
  • You have a relative with a hearing loss


The first step would be to book a FREE hearing test in our hearing clinic.

You can Book a FREE consultation online with our seamless booking form.

Alternatively, you can call us on 1-888-439-6126 to book an appointment with our hearing care professionals.

A hearing appointment is completely free of charge and you are not required to buy any products or services.

Directions to HearingLife's hearing clinic in Dundas - University Plaza

HearingLife's hearing centre in Dundas - University Plaza

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Our office is committed to customer service excellence:

  • Every hearing clinic has manned reception on all weekdays. At the reception you can get help with easier service of your hearing aids, buy accessories for your hearing aids and book times for future visits.
  • We provide our products and services in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of everyone, including people with disabilities.
  • We are committed to preventing, identifying, and removing barriers that impede the ability of people with disabilities to access our hearing healthcare facilities.
  • We recognize that persons with disabilities may require certain accommodations in order to fully access our products and services and we strive to provide the necessary accommodations when evident or requested.


We would be happy to meet you, to book an appointment Click Here.

When should you consider a hearing test in our clinic in Dundas - University Plaza?

If you recognize any of the following signs of hearing loss, its a good idea to book a free hearing test:
  • Need help to adjust your current hearing aids
  • If you suspect that your hearing has changed
  • If you struggle to hear what other people are saying
  • If you turn up the volume on tv to hear what is being said
  • If you have turned 60 and has not had your hearing tested recently


If answers to any one of these is a YES then it would be advisable to book a FREE hearing test at our Dundas - University Plaza clinic.

How does a hearing test help you?

  • Assesses and monitors your hearing health
  • Diagnoses hearing loss and determines best avenues to tackle it
  • Helps to adjust well with you current hearing aids
  • Enables you to experience the latest hearing aid technologies


Want to know the best part, its FREE, to book a hearing test Click Here

What to expect at your hearing test?

The best possible treatment is simple and easy. There are three steps to start:

What to expect at your hearing test infographic

  1. A hearing assessment – You sit restfully in a noise-controlled environment wearing a comfortable set of headphones. You will be asked to press a button in response to a series of tones. Your responses will help us know the exact state of your hearing health. The test will last about an hour.
  2. An examination – Once we have quantified your hearing health, one of our hearing care professionals will examine your ears. The examination is painless and will help us determine possible causes if there is hearing loss (e.g. wax build up, infection).
  3. An interview – This is the most important step in the process. Our hearing care professional will ask you about how your hearing health has affected you. It’s a simple conversation that will yield the final pieces needed to make the perfect recommendation to fit your needs.

You and your loved ones also receive advice on how to best communicate in different everyday situations, both with and without a hearing aid.

All set to book a hearing test at Dundas - University Plaza Click Here.

Why should you get hearing aids?

To experience life without compromises and enjoy the benefits of hearing health.

Discover the 52 benefits of healthy hearing. Download your copy of our new e-book

You already have hearing aids and want to change them?

  • HearingLife's hearing care specialists in Dundas - University Plaza can also assist you in testing new and improved hearing aids or other products that can help your hearing.
  • The technology behind hearing aids improve every year and the new hearing aids can bring your hearing closer to a normal hearing
  • If your current hearing aids does not help you to hear well, then we might be able to adjust them so they better fit your hearing
  • You have a relative with a hearing loss


How do hearing aids work?

This is how hearing aids work


  • Digital hearing aids are made up of a powerful minicomputer.
  • The minicomputer analyses the sound environment from data gathered by the microphones. The computer selects the sounds you need help with.
  • The highest quality and best hearing aids only amplify the parts of sound you need help with. They also remove any excess sound and amplify the personalized result in your ear.


Want to book a consultation for your hearing needs at Dundas - University Plaza? Click Here.

How much does hearing aids cost?

Did you know? At $1.10* per device per day, our Hearing Aid devices cost as low as a cup of coffee (*T&C apply)

When it comes to hearing aid prices, there is a lot to keep in mind.

  • Remember, you will be wearing these devices every day. It is highly important to buy hearing aids that fit your specific needs.
  • To make sure that you get the full benefit of hearing aids, you must be fitted by a hearing care professional to ensure your hearing aids are personalized to you.


You can learn more about hearing aids at a FREE consultation in our Dundas - University Plaza Clinic, to book an appointment Click Here.

Why HearingLife?

Did you know that ears are as unique as fingerprints? So are hearing losses and hearing aids. That is why it is so important to see a professional that can explain technology, types of hearing aids, different lifestyles and many more factors that will influence your decision. Here’s why HearingLife can be your best partner for all your hearing needs.

  • HearingLife can get you a personalized analysis for your hearing loss so you can get the most out of your hearing aid.
  • Any hearing aid purchased from HearingLife also included ongoing support from our highly trained and educated hearing care professionals.
  • Our hearing aids have the most advanced hearing aid technology; this new technology will support your brain and help you live a higher quality life.


So, what are you waiting for Book a FREE consultation at our Dundas - University Plaza clinic now!

Our Staff

  • Lindy Grimbly

    Hearing Instrument Specialist

    Lindy Grimbly is an ambitious Hearing Instrument Specialist with over 12 years experience. Her passion for helping others hear all the finer things this world has to offer is the driving force behind her career. Lindy is patient, kind and professional while educating her clientele on the effects of hearing loss. Lindy enjoys time spent with her family, exploring the outdoors and in the colder months, you can often find her at the rink either playing or watching hockey. Her past hobbies include competitive horseback riding which she is hoping to explore again in the future once her son is a bit older.

  • Melissa Attalla

    Hearing Instrument Specialist

    After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2006 I went on to specialize my education in the hearing healthcare field. I graduated with high distinction from Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning with a Diploma in the Program for Hearing Instrument Specialist. I have had the privilege to work for HearingLife (formerly ListenUP! Canada) for the past 8 years and have greatly enjoyed helping our clients to hear again! In my spare time I enjoy hiking and canoeing and most importantly spending time with my husband and son.