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TeleSupport Hearing Professionals 

Professional hearing care resources now available free to everyone in Canada

HearingLife is your professional resource.

Backed by over a century of hearing healthcare experience, our staff of knowledgeable hearing care professionals stand ready to help you better understand your hearing loss, and your treatment options.


Our TeleSupport Hearing Professionals are available to provide assistance via phone or virtual consultation, to help you with any of your hearing loss or hearing aid related questions.

Need additional help?

TeleSupport Hearing Professionals are available to assist with
• Counseling
• Troubleshooting 
• Connectivity
• General hearing aid use
• Assisted Listening Devices


Monday to Friday : 9am – 7pm EST
Sunday : 9am – 4pm EST
Extended Hours on Tuesday : 7pm – 9pm EST

Phone : 1-833-TELESUP (835-3787)
Chat: located on the bottom right of the page

TeleSupport Portal

Our TeleSupport Portal is a self-serve website, where clients can search for answers to common questions, issues, or concerns. It offers articles, videos, how-to guides and tutorials for various hearing aids, assisted listening devices and accessories. The portal is:

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