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Holiday TV Tour with Janette Ewen

janette ewen

Lifestyle expert Janette Ewen included HearingLife Canada in her 2020 holiday press run! Check out the links below:

CP24 Morning - Janette Ewen highlights hearing testing as a New Year's resolution after realizing, in a mask-wearing world, how heavily she relied on lip reading to understand what others were saying.

Global Calgary and Global Edmonton - Janette Ewen bases her 2020 New Year's Resolutions on the five senses. Check out what she has to say on hearing! 

CHCH News. - Janette Ewen discusses her top gift picks for Christmas 2020, including our Sennheiser SET 840-TV Infrared Stereo TV Listening System.

Global Kingston - Janette Ewen shares how to make the most out of the 2020 holiday season including tips to help you communicate with those who have a hearing loss.

CTV Kitchener and Global Peterborough - Need some virtual holiday advice? Janette Ewen provides useful tips to remotely engage with your loved ones, tips for those with hearing loss included!