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There’s a new hearing aid on the market and you can try it FREE for 30 days!


Older hearing aids amplify every sound, while newer hearing aids help you focus on a particular sound direction. Our latest hearing aids offer a 360-degree soundscape, so you can hear more of everything, as you would naturally.

The latest hearing aid technology processes sound faster than ever before, constantly scanning your environment to match sound levels with precise balance; hear your flip flops slapping against your kitchen tiles AND the distant laughter of your grandkids in the other room!

Our new hearing aids can also:

  • Connect wirelessly to your Bluetooth-enabled devices, Apple or Android
  • Support rechargeable batteries and
  • Connect with our remote care app. 
  • Draw from a database of over 12 million sounds to determine what sounds are and where they are coming from
  • Be personalized with eight different colours to choose from

Get ready to experience a new world of sounds! Book an appointment for your FREE hearing aid trial today!


We book your appointment, no follow-up needed.

Unlike most hearing healthcare providers, when you book an appointment online with HearingLife, your appointment is automatically in our schedule. No need to expect a call from an appointment specialist to revise or confirm your request— you’re all set! Your selected clinic will follow up with you closer to the date to prepare you for your appointment.

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What can you expect at your hearing appointment? 



 You have taken the first step towards better hearing by booking your hearing test.

2. An initial discussion

 Before your hearing test, your hearing professional will address any questions or concerns you may have. Your hearing professional will also ask about your medical history and any parts of your lifestyle that could affect your hearing such as your occupation and leisure activities. This is important in identifying the potential causes of your hearing difficulties.

3. Your ear examination

Your hearing professional will then perform a painless examination of your ear. This will help rule out other reasons, (i.e. earwax build up or infection,) as the cause of your hearing issues.


4. Your hearing assessment

When it is time to get your hearing tested, you will be asked to sit in a noise-controlled environment and wear headphones or earphones. Your hearing professional will then ask you to press a button in response to a series of tones. Your responses will help us know the exact state of your hearing health. You will also take a voice hearing test.

5. Next steps

The entire appointment should take about an hour. At the end, you and your loved one will receive same-day test results, recommended treatment if needed, and advice on how to best communicate in different everyday situations, both with and without a hearing aid.

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A comprehensive hearing assessment is provided to adults ages 19 and older at no cost. The results of this assessment will be communicated verbally to you. If you request a copy of the Audiological Report, a fee will apply. Child hearing tests are conducted at select locations for a fee and cannot be scheduled using this booking page, please call the toll-free phone number above to schedule a hearing test for someone under the age of 18.