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Earwax removal services

You can book a quick and easy earwax removal service with the team at HearingLife. Until now, earwax removal options have been expensive, but HearingLife offers an affordable solution at select hearing clinics.

How are earwax blockages removed?

Earwax is a naturally occurring substance in the ear canal. It’s actually good for your ears, helping to keep the skin healthy and prevent infection at the same time. Some people suffer from excessive earwax, and this can be managed by the use of drops or irrigation. Wax can cause hearing loss, and it can interfere with a hearing test or the use of a hearing aid.

How much is an earwax removal? 

Our earwax removal fee is $52 per ear. Our wax consultation is free and includes a discussion, assessment by screening, video otoscopy, a general ear health check-up, and any advice needed.

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Request an earwax removal today

Earwax removal services are offered at select HearingLife clinics and the method of extraction utilized will be determined by the hearing professional after assessing the client and reviewing their history.

HearingLife earwax removal services

In most cases, earwax works its way out on its own, and there is no need to remove it. However, if earwax is blocking your ear canal and causing hearing loss, it may require removal using one of the following methods:

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1. Manual

Using specialized instruments, earwax can be manually removed from the outer portion of the ear canal. In cases where the ear wax is particularly dense and deep, it can be helpful to manually remove it. However, manual eradication is frequently combined with other, more sophisticated methods.

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2. Ear Irrigation

Ear irrigation is a procedure where water (at body temperature) is injected into the ear by the irrigator, which controls the water pressure, to ensure that the ear cannot be damaged. Under the gentle force of the water, the earwax is softened and dislodged, and the wax is carried out of the ear.

Earwax removal methods we recommend avoiding:

FAQ About earwax removal

Terms and conditions

Written, informed consent is required. The Consent to Treatment form must be signed, and this is valid for one year. HearingLife Canada adopts all practice standards, guidelines and regulatory requirements established by the appropriate professional associations and regulatory colleges as our minimum practice standard. Audiologists and hearing instrument practitioners should refer to their respective provincial regulatory bodies for details about full practice guidelines and regulatory requirements. 

6 common signs of hearing loss

Changes in your hearing may be a sign of earwax build-up, but they can also be a sign of hearing loss. Study the six common signs of hearing loss to learn what to look out for:

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Difficulty following conversations
You have difficulty following conversations in group settings or when background noise is present. 
Image shows man looking at his phone
Phone conversations are unclear
You have trouble following phone conversations in both quiet and noisy places
Image shows woman holding her hand up to her ear
People seem to be mumbling
You often ask people to repeat themselves. Sounds seem unclear, or people sound like they are mumbling
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Difficulty locating sounds
You have difficulty locating where sounds are coming from
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Signs of tinnitus
You experience ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears (called tinnitus)
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Turning up the TV too loud
Your friends and family say you turn the television up too loud