Hearing aids

HearingLife carries only the best digital hearing aids and accessories available on the market. We offer various types of hearing aids from top hearing aid brands, including invisible hearing aids.

What is a hearing aid?

A hearing aid is a small, discreet device that typically sits behind the ear or in the ear. Hearing Aids work by amplifying certain parts of the sound environment around the user.


Hearing aid technology

Digital hearing aids are made up of a powerful mini-computer. The mini-computer analyses the sound environment from data gathered by the microphones. The computer selects the sounds you need help with. The highest quality and best hearing aids only amplify the parts of sound you need help with. They also remove any excess sound and amplify the personalized result in your ear.

Rechargeable hearing aids


Types of hearing aids

Typically, hearing aids sit behind your ear. However, today's technology has allowed for small hearing aids and invisible hearing aids to be designed that sit in your ear canal so no one can see them.

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How to care for your hearing aids

There are few very simple things to know about caring for your hearing aids. Today, a completely waterproof hearing aid does not exist. It is vital to keep them dry and away from heavy rain. Special hearing aid dryers are available that can remove moisture from the inside of your device. It is also very important to keep hearing aids away from hairspray, this can damage the plastic. The main thing that will need to be replaced on your hearing aids are batteries, most batteries last for about a week.

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