This online hearing test only takes about 5 minutes.

Our online hearing test will give you an indication of how well you hear, using self-evaluation questions, a tone test and a few listening scenarios.

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Our online hearing test begins with four simple questions about your hearing in everyday situations. The next step is a tone test where you will listen to sounds played at different volumes. Afterward, you’ll listen to several short conversations with a bit of background noise. After hearing each discussion, you’ll be asked a few questions. Once you have completed the online hearing test, you’ll get an result.

If the online hearing test indicates that you may have reduced hearing, you will have the opportunity to book a free hearing test in one of our hearing clinics.

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Based on the answers you give in the online test, you’ll be placed into one of three categories: no hearing loss, moderate hearing loss or severe hearing loss. 

If the online test finds that your hearing is reduced, we provide you with an opportunity to make an appointment with one of our hearing care providers. 

At the appointment, we can perform a more detailed test of your hearing, and our specialists will provide you with guidance on how to treat hearing loss going forward. Our hearing tests are free of charge and completely with no obligation, just like the online hearing test.

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You can use the online hearing test to get a general idea of how well you hear. Please note, though, that the online hearing test cannot provide exact results. We cannot ensure that the sound levels you hear are calibrated correctly. So you can only use the online hearing test for guidance. 

The only way to test your hearing properly is to visit a hearing care professional. If you suspect that you have a hearing loss then you are very welcome to visit one of our clinics and get a free hearing test.

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The journey to better hearing might be easier than you think