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Do you suspect that you have a hearing loss that may require hearing aids? Our online hearing screening test will evaluate your hearing, and provide clear results. This test uses sound clips with background noise and self-evaluation questions. Please adjust the volume of your device to a comfortable listening level.

Listen closely - after each audio clip you will be asked to answer one question about that scenario.

This is an online hearing screening test to help indicate if you have a hearing loss. It does not replace an accurate hearing test that can be administered by one of our hearing care experts.


Do I need hearing aids?

Have you asked someone to repeat themselves or speak up? Are you told that you tend to mumble or speak too softly? Do you find yourself isolated due to not being able to hear conversations in noisy environments? These are the most common hearing loss symptoms that our experts can help you with.

What are the causes of hearing loss?

Noise induced hearing loss, damage due to the exposure of loud noise, is a common cause of hearing loss. In addition to noise induced hearing loss, our hearing gets worse as we age due to small hair cells inside of our ears becoming damaged.


How reliable are online hearing screening tests?

Many resort to the internet to try to find the best online hearing test or hearing test apps to get an accurate reading of their hearing health. The truth is that no online hearing or screening test can be as accurate as an audiological test with a registered and trained professional.

Our online screening test should be used to give you an indication on your hearing ability, but in order to obtain accurate results, we recommend you visit one of our trained hearing care experts.

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