The objective is to establish strong connections between the marketing team and clinic staff, enhancing our understanding of the client experience. This initiative allows marketing staff to visit clinics, gaining deeper insights into the client journey, and actively gathering feedback on relevant issues and topics within their scope of work. Clinic visits will become an annual requirement for all marketing staff. 



Before going on a clinic visit, please ensure that the following conditions have been met.

  • Clinic Visit approved by your respective manager.
  • Must have been working at HearingLife for more than 6 months prior to sending in your request.
  • Sign-Up Form: To ensure proper attendance and tracking, please complete the sign-up form below.



  • Request Initiation: Begin the process by completing the form below. 
  • Manager Confirmation: Your manager will coordinate with the clinic to confirm clinic availability and suitable dates for your visit.
  • Manager Approval: After ensuring clinic availability, your manager will approve your clinic visit, and you will be notified accordingly.
  • Clinic Visit: During your visit, engage with clinic staff and clients to gain profound insights and collect invaluable feedback.
  • Attendance Update: After your clinic visit, kindly update the tracking sheet provided via the link to reflect your visit, ensuring accurate attendance records. Tracking Sheet

Please provide 3 preferred dates