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4 Tips for Hearing Aid Users During a Lockdown


Despite slowly emerging from the confines of our living spaces to somewhat resume our normal lives, COVID-19 cases have been surging in various communities across Canada. Even though the government deemed hearing healthcare as an essential service, you may need some tips to help navigate your hearing care options in these uncertain times. Here are 4 tips hearing aid wearers should act on during a lockdown. 

1. Get your hearing aids cleaned by a hearing professional


When you purchased your hearing aids, your hearing professional probably gave you a maintenance kit. Like your teeth, you should clean your hearing aids daily to ensure optimal performance, but you should also have your hearing aids thoroughly cleaned by a hearing professional periodically.

In this unpredictable climate, consider having your hearing aids cleaned professionally sooner than later. It may be more risky to step out the longer you wait and cases continue to rise.

2. Fine tune your hearing aids


Apply similar reasoning if you are planning to fine tune your hearing aids. Consider how well they fit and perform, and get any adjustments made by a hearing professional.

3. Upgrade your hearing aids if necessary


What may be worse than being stuck with hearing aids of subpar performance is being stuck with hearing aids that don’t work at all! Consider how long you’ve had your hearing aids. If you think you can benefit from a recent model, take advantage of hearing aid trial opportunities now and invest in a more reliable device.

4. Stock up on hearing aid supplies


At your next appointment, stock up on batteries and any other items you may need. If you don’t have an upcoming appointment or you would just prefer to stay home, HearingLife’s online store can have you stocked up on hearing aid supplies in just a few clicks!

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