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Taking the first step

How to choose your hearing care provider

Getting your hearing tested is easier than you think. Follow steps below to get started:

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1. Find a hearing centre with licensed hearing professionals
When searching for a hearing care centre, prioritize finding a location where a professional can assess your hearing and provide individualized counselling based on your specific needs.
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2. Find a convenient clinic location
Find a provider who has a local hearing centre near home or work and is also part of a global network. This will give you access to a large network of hearing care providers. Professional help is never too far away.
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3. Choose a provider that offers personalized, ongoing client care
Your hearing is as unique as your fingerprint. Unlike standardized solutions, specialized hearing care centres allow you to build a relationship with your hearing care provider, and you will have the choice of a large spectrum of hearing aid types and brands so that you can find the optimal solution for you.
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Get your hearing tested

Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest part. We’re here to take it with you.

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Why HearingLife

Licensed hearing professionals

Each of our HearingLife locations has hearing professionals who are trained in treating your unique hearing loss. Your HearingLife hearing professional is qualified to carry out all the evaluations needed to assess your hearing health. HearingLife offers ongoing training for all personnel involved in your care, so your provider can stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and technology trends in the field.

Locations near you

HearingLife has over 350 locations in Canada. Use our hearing centre locator to find a clinic near you! 

Latest technology and brands

We offer the latest advancements in hearing aid technology. 

Same-day results

You will receive and discuss your hearing test during your appointment. We take the time to discuss your individual hearing loss and help you explore the solutions that will best suit your needs and lifestyle. From the moment you step into a HearingLife office and receive your first hearing test, you can expect to be wearing your new hearing aids within one week (up to three weeks for certain customized hearing aids.)

Free hearing tests - with no obligations

We have experienced first-hand the benefits of early detection when it comes to hearing loss. That’s why we provide all clients (both new and current) with free hearing tests and give them the opportunity to better their hearing health.

Personalized and ongoing care

Our providers know that people who visit HearingLife have individual needs regarding the hearing aid type, colour, and style – as well as their personal budget.  Even after your first fitting, our doors are open for follow-up visits and ongoing hearing care. We offer warranties and repair services for all the devices we sell.  

Free hearing aid trials

Your new hearing aid will be accompanied by a free trial. You will be able to test out the hearing aid free of charge before committing to your chosen model and style. 

Family-friendly locations

We encourage you to bring a close friend or family member – someone whose voice you know well. They can provide support in the process - as well as provide their own experience with your hearing loss symptoms.

What if everything in life could be personalized?

HearingLife brings you one step closer
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Lifestyle focused solutions
We want to get to know you and your lifestyle as a part of your hearing test.
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Modern technologies
We use the latest technology to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis possible.
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Perception driven hearing tests
We all experience sound differently. Our hearing tests measure how you perceive sound, so you can find a solution tailored to your individual needs.
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Personalized hearing aids
We offer personalized hearing aid options, meaning that your chosen hearing aid can be adjusted to suit your style, comfort, sound, and fit of choice.
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Founded on care in 1904

Our company was founded by a husband who was determined to help his wife lead a better life. Camilla Demant had a hearing loss which Hans Demant wanted to better. But he didn’t just care about her hearing, he cared about her as a unique individual.
Where others saw clinical and commercial aspects, he could see other nuances. He saw how a hearing loss affects all levels of life and understood that by helping his wife help herself, he was not only giving her back her hearing, he was giving her back confidence in life. 

Today, we have a long history of making life-changing differences through hearing health and it is still the passion for helping people hear better, that sets the course for our company.

Part of the Demant Group

HearingLife is part of Demant.

A world-leading hearing healthcare group that offers solutions and services to help people with hearing loss connect and communicate with the world around them. Demant employs more than 14,500 staff in more than 30 countries and distributes hearing healthcare and intelligent audio solutions to people in more than 130 countries. William Demant Foundation holds the majority of shares in Demant A/S, which is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen as part of the 25 most traded shares.

We work closely together and combine our knowledge with the companies within the Demant Group and thereby we can offer people both the benefit of the newest technology and valuable insights into hearing care.

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