Love your ears Radio Interview with Chief Audiologist

Love your ears, a hearing awareness campaign with Chief Audiologist

Contributed by HearingLife

2022-04-01 12:00:00 AM • 1 min read

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HearingLife's Chief Audiologist, Jillian Price shares the "Love Your Ears" initiative with Rick Zamperin on Good Morning Hamilton 900 CHML, to create awareness amongst individuals to understand the vital role of our ears and ways to protect our hearing health.

“I work in a field where I’m thinking about ears every day; but for most of us, we don't think about our ears or hearing that often. We don’t marvel at the magnificent things our ears do for us every single day. Hearing puts us in the centre of our world and allows us to connect with each other. We’re trying to get people to think more about their hearing health.”
– Jillian Price