Mornings with Sue and Andy - Calgary Radio

Mornings with Sue and Andy - Calgary Radio

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2022-06-08 12:00:00 AM • 2 min read

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Mornings with Sue and Andy – Radio Interview with Claire Harper of the West Springs Clinic

Claire Harper, audiologist of the West Springs clinic recently conducted an onsite interview with the Mornings with Sue and Andy show on CHQR radio station. She discusses the experience of receiving a hearing test, and the advancements of hearing aid technology. 

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"What we’re looking for is the softest sounds that a person can hear. That gives us a baseline so that if they do have some hearing loss, we are able to set up a hearing aid based on that hearing test. Hearing tests are always free, and I always tell people that there is no harm in getting a baseline test. Even if you do have hearing loss and you are not ready for hearing aids now, at least we have a baseline, so if things change down the road, we have something to compare to.”