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Up to $1600 off Hearing Aid Sale. Limited time offer!!

Healthy hearing with the latest technology just got more affordable! We are offering up to $1600 off a pair of our premium or advanced hearing aids.* If you find an identical hearing aid with the same features, options and services for a lower price, just bring in a written estimate from the last 30 days and we'll not only match that price but give you an extra $50 off!***

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3 Month 0% Financing:

For clients who prefer short-term, interest-free financing rather than one full payment upfront. Make one payment upon your hearing aid fitting followed by three post-dated cheques payable before your 90-day satisfaction period is complete.

1-5 Year Low-Interest Financing:

Need more time? Our 1-5 year low-interest financing is ideal for clients who need more than 3 months to pay for their hearing aids. Make one 10% deposit upon your hearing aid fitting, followed by a monthly, pre-authorized debit payment over the chosen term. This financing is for both regular-priced and discounted orders from $1,900-$4,200 and is subject to an administrative fee. The interest rate increases with the loan term period.

There are no age restrictions, and as long as you have a good credit history, you will qualify (OAC). See locations for details, or call toll-free 1-888-514-9515 to reach a HearingLife hearing aid centre near you.

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Our experts can guide you with regards to the financing and reimbursement options available to you. Provide your contact details and we will contact you to discuss your options and how we can help.