Our clients say 9.5/10  Based on 33032 reviews in Canada for 2024 
9.5/10  Based on 33032 reviews  

Our company name is changing to HearingLife!

We are excited to announce our company name is changing from Capital Audiology to HearingLife. As you may know, for some time now we have been part of the largest group of hearing care clinics in the country. We chose to join this group because of the benefits it brings to our clients. Please don’t worry when the sign over the door changes, and the painters come. When you walk into HearingLife, you’ll still be greeted by the same friendly staff who test, tune, and tweak your hearing aids, and guide you along the path to better hearing.

Hearing clinics in Ontario

Kanata - Castledean Plaza
471 Hazeldean Rd
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Free hearing test

Book a free hearing test in one of our HearingLife clinics to test your hearing and try on a pair of hearing aids. 

We ensure:

  • Same-day results
  • Certified audiologists
  • 90 day risk free trial 
  • The latest hearing aid technology
  • REM (Real-Ear Measurements) during testing

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Hearing aids

HearingLife carries a wide collection of digital hearing aids and accessories. Hearing aids come with our exclusive 360-AfterCare, which includes everything you need for three years, even the batteries, lowest price and satisfaction guaranteed.

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Modern hearing aids are designed to improve your hearing experience, reduce the strain of listening, and enhance your overall well-being.

Learn more about modern hearing aids and how they can help transform your life.

“Hearing loss is associated with higher risks of anxiety, depression, social isolation and even cognitive decline,” she says. “The amount of energy it takes someone with hearing loss to just hear all day versus somebody without is significant — so much so that many who invest in hearing aids often express they have more energy day-to-day than they’ve had in years.”
Dr Jillian Price - Chief Audiologist, HearingLife Canada

3 reasons to choose a HearingLife clinic


Professionals in hearing care
Our certified professionals conduct certified hearing tests with same day results.


Modern hearing aid solutions
We offer a broad selection of the latest digital hearing aids from multiple award-winning brands.


Aftercare services
As a HearingLife customer you are entitled to free hearing aid batteries, adjustments, cleanings and repair services.
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“From beginning to end, the test is completely painless. Nothing that is performed is painful in any way and the entire assessment usually takes an hour or so.”
Dr Jillian Price - Chief Audiologist, HearingLife Canada

What to expect at a hearing test

Illustration of man and woman discussing
20 minutes
1. Discuss hearing concerns, medical history and lifestyle factors
Illustration of a man getting his ear examined
5 minutes
2. Physical ear examination
Illustration of man taking a hearing test
20 minutes
3. Comprehensive hearing assessment
Illustration of man and woman talking
15 minutes
4. Go over your results and recommended solutions

FAQ about hearing tests and hearing aid trials