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Connectline Products

These accessories can wirelessly connect to select hearing aids and allow for the audio source from various electronic devices to be transmitted to your hearing aids. You can order these accessories at your local HearingLife hearing centre.  

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  • Connectline Streamer Pro

    Streamer Pro

    When hearing aids are linked to Streamer Pro, practically any audio source can be transmitted through Streamer Pro (worn around the neck) to the hearing aids using a wireless Bluetooth connection or a mini-jack cable. A key to connecting your hearing instruments to devices such as your mobile phone & MP3 player. It will also function as a remote control for your hearing instruments.

  • Connectline TV Box

    TV Adapter 2.0

    The ConnectLine TV adapter enables to hear TV programmes clearly through your hearing aids – while leaving the TV volume at a level the whole family can enjoy. Requires a Streamer Pro to function correctly.

  • Connectline Telephone Box

    Phone Adapter 2.0

    The ConnectLine Phone adapter works with an existing landline home analogue phone, in effect turning hearing aids into a wireless headset. To answer the phone, just press a button on the Streamer. Requires a Streamer Pro to function correctly.

  • Connectline Remote Control

    Remote Control

    The Remote Control 2.0 enables users to change the program or adjust the volume in Oticon wireless hearing instruments. The Oticon Remote Control 2.0 can be used to adjust the volume and change the programs of your Oticon hearing aids. 

  • Connectline USB Dongle

    USB Bluetooth Dongle

    Sennheiser BTD800 is a Bluetooth dongle that transfers sound wirelessly from the computer to the hearing aids via Streamer Pro. Requires a Streamer Pro to function correctly.

  • Connectline Microphone


    ConnectLine Microphone is a discreet clip-on microphone that enhances speech understanding of a chosen speaker’s voice in challenging sound environments.Requires a Streamer Pro to function correctly. 

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