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Question 1 - Understand what others say
1: Do you ever struggle to understand what other people are saying?
2: Do you prefer a discreet hearing aid style?
3: Are you interested in the latest hearing aid technology?
4: How important is it for you that a hearing aid offers good speech clarity?

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3 benefits of Oticon Own

Made to fit your own lifestyle
No two people are alike, and the same goes for our ears. Oticon Own™ is tailored to each user for the most comfortable fit.

Oticon Own™

Small size, big technology
Experience superior innovation that gives you access to a full and precisely balanced sound scene, without any bulk in your way.

Invisible hearing aids

Based on BrainHearing™
Oticon Own™ hearing aids are equipped with hearing technology designed to support the way the brain works.

BrainHearing technology