Woman with loss of hearing wearing behind the ear hearing aids

Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids are the most common on the market today. They hide behind the Auricle (the visible part of your ear) and have a thin clear tube that runs into the ear canal. BTEs are designed so people do not notice them but remain extremely effective at treating hearing loss.


Discreetly tucked away

  • Behind-the-Ear models are perfectly discreet and loaded with modern technology for effective and top-of-the-line improvement. This type helps with severe and profound hearing loss and is the most common type of hearing aid you will see.
  • – sometimes referred to as a BTE, this type of hearing aid can help significantly. The small tube into your ear canal will carry sounds that has been perfectly programmed for your unique loss and adapted to your ear. They have a larger battery and can amplify more loudly for a more satisfactory result.

    – sometimes referred to as a RITE.  This type of BTE aid puts the receiver directly into the ear canal. Instead of the clear tube, it has a hair-thin wire that connects a tiny speaker to the hearing aid, allowing the sound to be transmitted closer to the ear drum. The ear piece is often molded to fit the ear tightly and hold the receiver in place. These generally have smaller batteries and are more discreet but can be limited to certain degrees of hearing loss.

What's inside a hearing aid?

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