In the ear hearing aids are designed for maximum concealment and customize-able to provide ultimate comfort.


Hidden inside your ear

  • These two models are the most discrete type of hearing aid you can find. They are recommended more than other models as an introduction to wearing hearing aids for the first time because they don’t require lifestyle changes. They don’t get in the way of glasses or goggles and stay in place more easily.
  •  Out of these two models, ITCs are the most discreet. The entirety of the hearing aid sits nicely in your ear canal. There are two styles – Completely in the Canal (CIC) and Invisible in the Canal (IIC). Sitting farther back, IICs are completely unseen and are easily retrieved by a long “pin.” In recent years, technological advances have made these two models a powerful option for people with many degrees of hearing loss.

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     - ITEs also come in two styles – half-shell and whole-shell. Both sit securely outside the ear canal and fill either half or all of the outer part of your ear called the concha bowl. Customized, the fit is snug – well-matched for very active individuals. They are also better suited to those with profound hearing loss.

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