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What your hearing means

"When you lose your sight, you lose touch with things. When you lose your hearing, you lose touch with people." 

Helen Adams Keller

Hearing is an integral part of life, connecting us through communication. Hearing loss can put up barriers, disconnecting us from the world. We understand the role that sound plays in each person’s life. Our goal is to help them get more out of life, by keeping them connected.

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1 in 5 Canadian adults experience some form of hearing loss

Hearing loss is also shockingly prevalent across Canada. In fact, 1 in 5 (20%) of Canadian adults suffer from at least a mild hearing loss.

Even among younger adults, ages 20-40, incidence of hearing loss is rounding the corner to 1 in 10, but by the ages of 60 to 80, it has stricken almost half the population. 

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Do you have hearing loss?

Do you have hearing loss? Our online hearing test will give you a clear indication of how well you are hearing, using background noise and self-evaluation questions.

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Did you know your brain is working harder than your ears?

Sitting in a noisy restaurant, talking to a friend, or listening to your favourite radio station, your brain is working hard to filter out the unnecessary noise and help you concentrate on the sounds you want to hear.

Healthy hearing means that you can hear low frequencies like a bass drum, and high frequencies like a shrill whistle. Your brain can process very quiet sounds like a whisper and really loud sounds like a roaring motorcycle engine. It can also help you determine which direction a sound is coming from and help you determine how big a room is.

The importance of treating hearing loss

The earlier you take a hearing test, the earlier you will stop the negative effects of hearing loss – and the earlier you will start socializing and communicating again!

Research has continuously proven the effects that hearing loss has on social and psychological performance. Reduced aural stimulation can impair the brain’s ability to process sound and speech over time. When you can’t hear, your mental ability suffers. Treating your hearing loss at an early stage is important.

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Noise-induced hearing loss
This is often caused by overexposure to excessive noise. It threatens the hearing of military personnel, kindergarten teachers, factory workers and farmers - to name just a few. Rock concerts and loud earphones can also damage people’s hearing. That's why it’s important to wear ear protection when exposed to excessive noise.
Noise-induced hearing loss
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Age-related hearing loss
This is caused by life-long wear and tear on the hearing system. The most common symptoms are having difficulty hearing soft voices, and having trouble hearing speech when background noise is present. Often, relatives notice age-related hearing loss before the person with the issue becomes aware of it.
Age related hearing loss
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Tinnitus is a symptom of an underlying condition such as hearing loss or an ear injury. It can have a huge impact on the lives of some people. 80% of people with tinnitus also have some degree of hearing loss without being aware of it, and may be able to benefit from having hearing aids.
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