Signs of hearing loss

Our ears are one of the most advanced and perceptive sensory organs. Many parts of the human body are effected by wear and tear as we age, our hearing systems are no different. When signs of hearing loss begin to appear, fortunately there is help.

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Signs of hearing loss can be sudden and easily noticed, or they can develop slowly and be very difficult to notice. Whether they appear sudden or slowly, it will become difficult to hear certain sounds or syllables. You may be able to hear people who are talking but difficult to make out what they are saying, and constantly ask people to repeat themselves. Noisy situations such as conferences, restaurants and crowded meeting rooms make it difficult to hear. This can be extremely frustrating and cause someone with hearing loss to withdraw from social activities, be depressed, and to isolate themselves. If you or a loved one recognize any of these signs of hearing loss, do not hesitate to get a hearing test. We are here to help you.

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If you or a loved one notice any sign of hearing loss, seek help quickly. Book a free hearing test with one of our hearing care professionals. We are here to help you.


Hearing loss concerns

It is difficult for most people to accept they have a hearing loss, but if you leave it untreated your quality of life can be affected. If you are not able to fully understand or communicate other people, your social life becomes exhausting. Hearing loss can cause you to be irritable, negative, angry, stressed and depressed because conversations take much more mental focus and energy. Not only can your social life suffer but hearing loss can reduce your performance at work or in education and due to a reduction in awareness, it increases risks in personal safety.

Family members are typically of the first to notice a person's hearing loss, usually before the sufferer notices. If you or a loved one notice any of these hearing loss worries, please seek help quickly. Sufferers can become less frustrated, tired, and have more energy to enjoy life more fully if they receive proper hearing care.

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