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What to expect at your hearing test

You might be wondering what takes place at a hearing test when you visit us in the clinic, such as what types of tests you'll take and what you can expect to learn.


Our brief guide will provide you with a step-by-step overview so that you can be prepared for your appointment.


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2 minutes
1. Congratulations! You've booked your hearing test
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20 minutes
2. Discuss hearing concerns, medical history and lifestyle factors
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5 minutes
3. Physical ear examination
image shows hearing test
20 minutes
4. Comprehensive hearing assessment
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15 minutes
5. Go over your results and recommended solutions

What to expect when visiting a hearing clinic to get a hearing test

In this short film, you can see what happens during your visit at one of our hearing clinics.

Our goal is to help you hear better.

Hearing test
Image shows woman during hearing test

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Tip from an audiologist:

Bring a close friend or family member to your first appointment

It is generally very helpful to bring a person with a familiar voice to your hearing assessment. It helps the hearing care professional to see how well you understand the words spoken by a close friend or loved one. This helps your hearing care professional understand how well you hear everyday speech.

In addition, it can help to have a friendly face and calming voice at your first appointment. You’ll typically get more out of your visit if someone close to you can share the experience. Plus, your loved one will have a better understanding of some of the challenges involved with your hearing loss and can help to articulate some of the challenges that you might not be aware of.

Help someone with a hearing loss

What happens at your first hearing test?

Your ability to live a full and satisfying life is our top priority. Healthy hearing is essential to having a good quality of life. Our hearing care professionals will deliver personalized hearing care to help you realize your full hearing potential.

1. Congratulations! You’ve booked your hearing test.

You’ve just taken the most important step to better hearing.
Your test is booked, and you are on your journey to better hearing.

2 minutes

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2. Discuss hearing concerns, medical history, and lifestyle factors

Our hearing care professionals will take the time to get to know you. Together with your audiologist, you will discuss your hearing challenges, hearing needs and medical history to date. A series of hearing tests will be conducted - none of which will cause any form of discomfort.

20 minutes

Image shows audiologist talking to woman in a hearing clinic

3. Physical ear examination

Next, we will examine your ears and check for earwax and any foreign objects which could be blocking your ear canals. We will also look for damage to your eardrum(s), infections, and other abnormalities. This portion of the exam will help the audiologist understand if there are any medical explanations for your hearing loss.

5 minutes

Image shows ear being examed

4. Comprehensive hearing test

The hearing assessment portion of the test is simple and painless. You will sit in a soundproof room or booth while wearing a pair of headphones. We will ask you to listen to and respond to various tones, speech sounds, and voices. Your responses will be recorded on an audiogram, and the results will help indicate if you have an aidable hearing loss. Once complete, your hearing care professional will review the results with you and discuss next steps and, if needed, treatment options.

20 minutes

Image shows woman during hearing test

5. Same-day test results and recommended solutions

Based on your hearing test results, your audiologist will provide you with a counseling session where you learn more about your results. If you have any level of hearing loss, your audiologist will provide recommended solutions.

15 minutes

Image shows man talking to audiologist in front of a screen showing an audiogram

icon of ear and sound
5A. No hearing loss
You will be advised on healthy hearing practices and how to protect your hearing over time
icon of ear and no sound
5B. Hearing loss detected
We’ll assist you in choosing the best hearing aid solution for you. Most hearing aids are available in less than a week (custom hearing aids can take 2-3 weeks).