Treating hearing loss

On average, people wait 13 years after learning of a hearing loss to get help. Hearing loss is linked to bigger health issues. On the other hand, treating hearing loss quickly positively impacts your quality of life. And taking the first step is easy.

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With hearing loss, life changes. If you are or someone your love is affected by hearing loss, take action now! With professional help, you can receive treatment for most kinds of hearing loss.

The types of treatment vary depending on the condition and the degree of hearing loss. Treatment for hearing loss will also be shaped around your lifestyle.

Our hearing care professionals have vast experience with all types of hearing loss and their treatments. They will guide you through the selection of quality hearing aids to find what works best for you.


Your hearing test is FREE

The process to determine whether you have a hearing loss is completely pain free. Because it is important to be comfortable and relaxed during the process, we’ll do all we can to put you at ease. After the test, we’ll review quantifiable results together and the best solutions.

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Your needs are unique to you. The solutions we will present will best work when customized to fit your exact needs. Our hearing care professionals know how to tailor this advance technology to give you the absolute best experience.

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Your ongoing aftercare is world-class

Our care and concern for your hearing health extends well beyond the moment you first get your hearing aids. Our mission is to help you have the highest quality of life possible through regular ongoing aftercare.

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How to start treating your hearing loss

Receive your free hearing test, your tailor-fit hearing aids, and your world-class aftercare.

What to expect from your first meeting with our team

The best possible treatment is simple and easy. There are three steps to start:

  1. A hearing test – You sit restfully in a noise-controlled environment wearing a comfortable set of headphones. You will be asked to press a button in response to a series of tones. Your responses will help us know the exact state of your hearing health. The test will last about an hour.
  2. An examination – Once we have quantified your hearing health, one of our hearing care professionals will examine your ears. The examination is painless and will help us determine possible causes if there is hearing loss (e.g. wax build up, infection).
  3. An interview – This is the most important step in the process. Our hearing care professional will ask you about how your hearing health has affected you. It’s a simple conversation that will yield the final pieces needed to make the perfect recommendation to fit your needs.
  • Important factors we consider before advising on treating hearing loss:

  • The results of your hearing test

  • The answers from your interview

  • The shape and size of your ear canals

  • The lifestyle you live, including everyday activities

  • The budget you’ve allocated for treatment


What is the interview like?

Your comfort and well-being is our top concern. The interview will be in an office. The hearing care professional will need to know some details about your hearing health and will ask questions like:

  • When and where do you experience the most difficulty hearing?
  • What, if any, special needs do you have relating to your lifestyle? Are you especially active?
  • What concerns you about hearing aids? What other concerns do you have about hearing loss in general?
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