Types of hearing loss

Not all hearing loss cases are the same. As a result, hearing loss is diagnosed by a certified hearing professional to determine the type of treatment you should receive.

In addition to a hearing test, your hearing professional may ask the following questions to determine what kind of hearing loss you have:

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    What are your symptoms?

    If you have an earache, your hearing issues may be a symptom of earwax blockage rather than an issue with the functionality of your ear. This can be remedied with earwax removal, which should only be done by a hearing professional.


    If you have trouble hearing certain pitches, or often find speech to be garbled and/or quiet, you may have permanent hearing loss. This can be treated with hearing aids.

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    ​Which part of the ear?

    Outer or middle ear issues that cause hearing loss tend to have physical manifestations such as ear discharge and ear pain. A hearing professional can access the level of damage within your middle ear and suggest a suitable solution.


    Hearing loss as a result of inner ear damage can be harder to identify, but usually has a greater impact on our social lives, making it harder for us to both hear and understand speech.


Tinnitus and hearing loss

According to The Hearing Foundation of Canada, more than 360,000 Canadians experience tinnitus with almost 50% of those cases being severe enough to affect their quality of life. Most tinnitus sufferers also experience some degree of hearing loss, but are not aware that their hearing is suffering.

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Sensorineural hearing loss

This hearing loss is usually permanent and often the result of illness, genetics, aging, head trauma and exposure to loud noise. Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when there is damage to the inner ear or to the nerve pathways that travel from the ear to the brain.

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Conductive hearing loss

Those with conductive hearing loss often have infection of the ear canal or middle ear, wax build-up, and/or holes or scaring on the eardrum. In general, conductive hearing loss can be temporary or permanent and occurs when there is damage to the outer or the middle ear.

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