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Neda Chelehmalzadeh

“Better hearing is a journey. My knowledge, skills, and experience put my clients on the fast-track.”

Neda Chelehmalzadeh
Doctor of Audiology, Audiologist and Regional Manager
Practicing Since 2005

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HearingLife Expert Sonia Miceli

“It’s an invisible problem that affects all aspects of life. I provide solutions.”

Sonia Miceli
Doctor of Audiology, Audiologist and Regional Manager
Practicing Since 2006

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HearingLife Expert Paul Tait

“This is your hearing!
Not a place for compromise or delay.”

Paul Tait
Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner
Practicing Since 1989

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Welcome to HearingLife.

We are excited to announce the transition of Advance Audiology Hearing Aid Clinic to HearingLife. The sign on the outside of our clinics might be changing, but the values and experts inside remain the same. We see it as an opportunity to present ourselves in a manner consistent with the expertise of our staff, the quality of the hearing technology we utilize, and the value you’ll find in our hearing solutions.

Have a question? We’ve got answers! See our frequently asked questions section to Learn More.

Who is HearingLife?

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Proud Sponsor of
The National Campaign for Better Hearing

HearingLife is a proud sponsor of the National Campaign for Better Hearing—an initiative with the simple but lofty goal of providing a FREE hearing test to EVERY Canadian aged 60 and over. The reason is clear. Startling new research shows significant connections between hearing loss and other serious health problems like social withdrawal and isolation, depression, mental fatigue, even increased risk of developing dementia. Research is also showing that wearing a hearing aid can reduce these risk factors.

With nearly half of all Canadians over 60 suffering from hearing loss, this is a major issue. As the largest clinical hearing care provider in the country, we feel uniquely positioned to do something about this alarming, but largely unaddressed health concern.

Make a hearing test part of your regular wellness protocols, and treat hearing loss in its early stages. To find out more about how the National Campaign for Better Hearing is improving lives, click here.

Join the thousands of people who improved their hearing health, brain health—even the health of their relationships—with hearing aids today.

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    Take back your life and your relationships when you commit to better hearing with hearing aids.

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