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Welcome to HearingLife.

We are excited to announce the transition of ListenUP! Canada to HearingLife. The signs on the outside of our clinics might be changing, but the values and experts inside remain the same. We see it as an opportunity to present ourselves in a manner consistent with the expertise of our staff, the quality of the hearing technology we utilize, and the value you’ll find in our hearing solutions.

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Jill Price
Chief Audiologist
Practicing Since 2004

A day in the life of an expert

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Looking for a challenge?

HearingLife is actively recruiting talented Audiologists, Hearing Instrument Specialists, Client Service Administrators and Appointment Centre Specialists to support our continued growth.

  • Audiologist

  • Hearing Instrument Specialist

  • Client Service Administrator and Appointment Centre Specialist

We welcome interest from those currently working in a hospital, dispensing setting, vendor community, and other related environments. We also accept selected student placements for those who are currently enrolled in an Audiology and Hearing Instrument Specialist/Practitioner programs. We are looking for individuals that are dedicated to helping more people hear better!

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